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Twisted Deception: Megan Accused of Fabricating Yet Another Son with Bo – Days Of Our Lives Spoilers.


According to Days of Our Lives spoilers and rumors, Megan Hathaway (Miranda Wilson) may have just created a new phony son, causing history to repeat itself. With the exception of Bo Brady (Peter Reckell), Megan would never want to have children, and she even made one up years ago.

Times Of Our Lives Megan Hathaway Alleged A Miscarriage (Spoilers)

Bo allegedly joined the Merchant Marines after Megan, then sixteen, allegedly gave his and her kid up for adoption at her mother’s request years earlier.

Roman Brady (Josh Taylor) had spotted her leaving an abortion facility around that time, and the rumor was that she miscarried as a result of a failed procedure.

Megan traveled to New Orleans with her adoptive parents, Maxwell Hathaway (Tom Hallick) and her mother (never cast), but she informed Bo they had a boy.

By this point, Megan’s mother had passed away, and it appears that Maxwell was unaware of the child as well, but the two of them collaborated to “find” Bo and Megan’s son.


They were aware of a woman who had abandoned a boy around the proper age, later discovered his parents, discovered him unwell in the hospital, and killed the mother before they could claim him.

Baby Boy Hathaway-Brady Would Be Five Years Older Than The Brady Twins, According To DOOL Spoilers

Bo and Roman conducted an investigation that revealed the birth mother’s murder was staged and that the young kid was not Megan and Bo’s.

Bo and Hope Williams Brady (Kristian Alfonso) soon got back together, were married, and started a family. Megan was eventually electrocuted in a hot tub.

Hope didn’t die in the hot tub as Megan had planned; instead, she surfaced and revealed Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) had cryogenically preserved her. When the moment and technology were ripe, Dr. Wilhelm Rolf (Richard Wharton) was able to bring her back to life.


She acknowledged that Peter Porte’s Dimitri Von Leuschner is her child, but if she were to claim that he was the miscarried child, he would have been five years older than Roman’s twins unless he had been reverse-SORASED!

Times Of Our Lives Spoilers: Frankie Brady and Carly Manning’s cousin?


Dimitri was revealed to be a Von Leuschner and the cousin of Carly Manning (Crystal Chappel) and Frankie Brady (Billy Warlock) when he initially appeared as ISA agent Kyle Graham. However, Megan would only have slept with Bo, so how does she explain that Dimitri is her child when he has never divulged anything about his upbringing but was aware of Carly and Frankie?

Dimitri’s age is unknown, but could Megan have abducted a child in the past after being resurrected?

Greg Vaughan and Alison Sweeney’s characters Eric and Sami Brady both appear older than he does. Could Stefano also have acquired Megan’s miscarried child, or did Megan invent a second false son?


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