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Questioning the Future: Jasmine Contemplates Leaving Gino Amid Prenup Drama in 90 Day


Jasmine and Gino almost smoothed their financial woes over with a heart to heart on ’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ —until she asked him to write his own will with her in mind

On Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, the Panama native went out for drinks with her sister Liz where she vented about her fears and frustrations with her partner Gino’s request for a prenup.

“I think my anxiety levels are through the roof,” Jasmine confessed. “You know my trauma, my ex-husband, he was very unfair with the divorce. I was left with nothing. So I feel that [this] is like a nightmare repeating itself.”

She continued, “I’ve sacrificed so much for Gino and he’s asking for a contract even though I have to leave everything and go to the United States knowing if this doesn’t work I could end up in the streets, because he’s not going to give me anything.”

Liz admitted she had doubts about Gino’s devotion to her. “With what my sister’s shown me, I would personally leave Gino. I’m not a hundred percent sure if he really loves her,” she told the cameras. “She’s suffering.”

Beyond signing a contract, Jasmine revealed that she’s received “a feeling of abandonment” with Gino’s request.

“For me, Gino was my world, you know? That he was my protector,” she said between tears. “But right now, with his actions, he’s showing that first, he doesn’t trust me and that he’s not willing to protect me.”

When Liz tried to reassure her by reminding her there were plenty of other fish in the sea, she recoiled at the idea, claiming that Gino was the only one for her.

“No, because I don’t want to leave him, Liz,” Jasmine replied, “It’s not that easy, love isn’t a button I can push and simply stop loving Gino. I want him, I love him.”

Liz asked, “But what do you get from loving him if he’s hurting you this much?”


In a confessional interview, Jasmine revealed she had a “fear of not being loved. The worst thing you could do to me is reject me. I want him to show me that I’m worth fighting for – like I really need that.”

The former teacher reflected on her relationship with him and wondered if she should concede to his demands out of fear she would lose him for good.

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“I don’t want to lose Gino,” Jasmine told Liz. “I think it’s my fault because I always mistreat him. What if I accept the contract and I tell him that it’s fine, that I’ll sign it? Because I don’t want to lose him. I want to marry him. I want to be with him.”

Later in the episode, Jasmine revealed she had reached out to Gino after having drinks with her sister and got ready to hear out his proposition over lunch.

She admitted that she had been feeling anxiety at the thought of “losing him because I was super offensive and telling him things that really hurt.” She added that she wanted him back because “I love him and I’m obsessed with him.”

“I need to feel like the most important person in his life because he’s the most important person in my life too,” she confessed.

While waiting at the restaurant, Gino admitted that he felt like he was in “between a rock and a hard place” as he didn’t want to risk losing Jasmine.

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“My life would be miserable without her,” he explained. “I would never find someone so unique, but at the same time, it’s important that I stand up for myself more and that includes having difficult conversations like this with Jasmine.”

Jasmine kicked off the conversation by apologizing to Gino for her hurtful words, and acknowledged that she attacks when she feels very angry. “I love you and I don’t want to lose you because of money, like money ruins everything,” she continued.


As the conversation progressed, Gino said he had been putting thought into Jasmine’s feelings when it came to the prenup and decided he would “forget” about the contract in order to keep her in his life.

“I’ve been thinking a lot since I spoke to the bartender and it seems like Jasmine and I fighting about the prenup was very likely due to cultural differences that we have,” he revealed in a confessional interview. “I don’t believe that I’m going to regret the decision if [we] don’t have a prenup if it means being with the love of my life and the woman that I truly love.”


In her own conversation with the cameras, Jasmine admitted she would have agreed to sign the contract if Gino had insisted on it.

When the couple resolved their issues and moved on, Jasmine brought up the idea of a will in case anything would happen to Gino, which sparked a new argument.

“Are you kidding?” he asked, to which she responded, “No I’m not, baby, because let’s say that you die. I’m gonna be alone in the United States.”

“We’re like a few months away from being married, and you’re worried about me dying?” Gino questioned, admitting to cameras that he believed that the worst of their financial discussions would have ended with the prenup.

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“In my eyes, I want to feel protected, and that you will still love me and take care of me,” Jasmine explained.

Gino added that if something happens to him, Jasmine would be taken in by his family while she noted that his relatives don’t approve of their relationship.

“I’m willing to leave my home, just to be with Gino, [and] it scares me a lot,” she said, noting that she had suspicions about his family getting in the middle of their relationship. “What if something happens to Gino before we get married? I would be left alone with no protection with nothing. I want a will because I want that feeling that he will always look after me always.”


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